Guess What I Did Today…

I promptly woke up at 10:47am. Right on schedule. I then laid in bed and scolded myself for not going to church. I got out of bed at 10:53am, went downstairs, and was greeted by Al and Hunt – my roommate and her boyfriend of like 4 years now I think. They’re both morning people and don’t need silly things like alarms in order to wake up before 10:47am. She had already made homemade muffins from scratch and a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Casserole, which she kindly invited me to eat as well. They went to Home Depot and World Market today to get some supplies for the garden they’re starting in our backyard. Later on today, Al started to cook dinner and prepare her meals for the week while Hunt hung up a new decoration on our back patio. If it isn’t evident yet, they are people that I would describe as having it all “together”.

Then there’s me.

I, on the other hand, didn’t really know what “from scratch” meant until I started living with Al. I’ve eaten cereal for 2 of my meals today. Changing into another pair of pajamas was my idea of “getting ready” this morning. I have to do 2 devotionals a day in my Jesus Calling book because I’m so behind in my schedule. Today I finished a book I was reading for fun, deep-cleaned my entire room, and then started a new book that I’ll be reading for fun. Also, there was a Fixer Upper marathon on today so that took up a significant amount of my time.

Oh yeah, and I started a blog. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh?