This Week Was Dumb

This post is not going to be very fluid or have a purpose, but I DESERVE A PAT ON THE BACK. This week was insane – stupidly insane to be honest. Let’s dive in shall we?!

Monday: I had my first one-on-one meeting with the past AUDM VP of Marketing. Talk about an information-overload, but I’m good! I start and almost finish one of my papers that’s due on Friday. Keep reading to see how that goes…

Tuesday: PLOT TWIST. So there’s a bunch of other criteria for this paper that the teacher just decided to not mention in the assignment post. Grand. Have to choose a completely new topic and re-write the paper. Woo-hoo!!!!!! I have my EETV office hours in which I planned to do that paper, but instead I accomplish nothing. 0% shocked. I have an AUDM exec meeting later that night and, again, information overload. We made our calendar of our big events for the year and talked about upcoming interviews for staff positions. It was a lot.

Wednesday: I had to deal with 2 idiot partners for a group project. The assignment was to go to 3 stores and track traffic flow, handicapped accessibility, blah blah blah. Tune in for another post soon about this train wreck because it’s definitely going to be worth the read. Later on The Scoop had a kind of last minute change. Instead of having our weekly sweep panel discuss the latest entertainment news, we had an interview with 2 local musicians. One was even a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. Both of them were so awesome and fabulous interviewees. It was pretty thrown together, but overall it went so well. Afterwards, I even talked to them about maybe performing at AUDM main event and they were so about it! Point for Vic!!!! Later on I had chapter where I had to address, seal, and stamp 50 letter for St. Jude because I didn’t have time earlier in the week to do it. Lol I suck.

Thursday: Welp. It’s Thursday and I haven’t done either of the papers that I have due tomorrow. So what do I decide to do? Go to Target with Allison of course. After filling up my cart I check my bank account to realize that I already don’t have money for rent this month. HAHAHAHAH. I still buy everything that was in my cart though, duh. I get home and finally finish that one paper by about 11pm. Then I have a whole other paper to do before tomorrow. I knock that one out in like 30 minutes because I’m a god.

Friday: I have to wake up early because a friend is coming over to try on some of my dresses for semi-formal. She doesn’t have a dress yet and semi is tonight so at least I have my life a little more together than she does I guess. I also have my presentation to give today with my idiot group. Yay. It’s pointless, but we get it over with pretty fast. A quick death. Then I go home and wash my hair for the first time in 3 days and shave my legs for the first time in weeks. I put on eyeliner and completely fail because I’ve forgotten how to use it. I put on my dress, go take pictures with my date and friends, and then head off to semi. It was great by the way!

So I’ve just been really overwhelmed this past week and I am damn proud that I accomplished everything I was supposed to. There were a lot more little things too, but i can’t mention everything. Anyway, way to go Vic. You continue to impress me everyday. I’m not even gonna proof read this – I’m that good. Signing off.


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