For Those Times When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s definitely not easy being a college student. However, it’s even harder being a junior or senior college student with the threat of the ‘real world’ looming on the horizon. Your mind is drowning in thoughts like ‘Where will I be next year?’, ‘Should I apply for this internship?’, ‘What if I don’t get picked for an internship and then I don’t graduate on time?’, ‘Do I have enough experience, leadership positions and extracurricular activities for an employer to even consider me?’. The worst of all these thoughts being ‘Am I on the right track?’, ‘Is this really what I want to do with my life?’, or ‘Should I change my major when I’m a senior in college?’.

To be completely honest, I have all of these thoughts every single day. They dominate the forefront of my mind constantly, and I’m tired of it. Sure, I may have 4 tests and 2 extremely important interviews this upcoming week, but why am I driving myself insane with what’s to come?

After this realization, I’ve decided that there are 2 things I need to work on:

  1. Being present
  2. Trust

Being Present. Today is an absolute gift. It’s an insult to the One who has created this beautiful day to squander it. Instead of spending today marinating in worry over  what is coming up, spend it looking around and appreciating what He has already provided you with. Your incredible blessings are infinite and your thankfulness for these blessings is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Yes, tests and interviews and grades are important, but don’t you dare trick yourself into thinking that the only way to succeed in life is by never taking a break to look around and enjoy what you have already achieved. This day is a gift – appreciate it, enjoy it, and always be grateful for the opportunity to live out another day.

Trust. With everything that somehow ends up in your planner and on your to-do list, you often get trapped in the illusion that you’re in control. Which is HILARIOUS. To even think that you’re the one who has the most say in where you end up or who you end up with is completely comical. God has already planned out your entire life – down to the last second. You best believe that things will not fall into place because you will them to. Rather, everything that is hazy will become painfully clear when you focus your thoughts on Him. Haven’t you noticed by now that you’re more proactive, energetic, and optimistic when you prioritize the Lord throughout your day? He is the One who determined your purpose and reason for existence on this planet. Trust in Him, His judgement, and His choices for your life. Everything will go smoother and your mind will be at ease when you finally accept this truth.

In short, do not get overwhelmed and consumed by the things that are to come in life when what is right in front of you is already so breathtaking. Accept that there are so many things that you have no control over. Your life has already been written. Trust in the Lord, the almighty Author, that it will be the best story ever written.


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